Leafly: An Entrepreneurs source for cannabis information

What I love about Leafly is how any one just getting into the cannabis industry can jump right by using this website alone. Lets say I wanted to start a store that specialized in edibles. The first thing I'd search for is articles on the subject matter then boom I got what I need. I honestly had no idea that there was a cannabis recipe for Quinoa salad!

WikiLeaf: Giving Consumers The Power To Set Their Own Marijuana Prices

It would come as no surprise that the price of marijuana in the US can vary from state to state. As any new industry will show, prices can be high (pun intended) at first and start to decrease over time. In walks Wikileaf, founded by Dan Nelson, serial entrepreneur, who thought of the idea back in 2013. With the help of a generous developer they set the framework for Wikileaf by collecting marijuana prices and dispensary location data then allowing consumers to search based on that criteria. Essentially, Wikileaf will find the closest dispensary in your prices range. Putting that kind of power in the hands of the consumer will spark competitive pricing.

Plant Life App: Keeping Up With Marijuana Strains

Founded in 2014 Plant life is what happens when passion meets tech. What Lee and Kesba set out to do is simplify the growing number of marijuana strains available. There are just so many that its impossible to remember all of them and what effects they have on our body. This is how Plant Life was born.

9 Tips For Marketing in the Cannabis Industry (graphic guide)

Even though the cannabis industry is gaining speed the government still seems to drag it's feet. In Canada there are strict rules against advertising which makes sense since this is still considered a drug in the eyes of the law. In the U.S. there are states that put harsh rules on advertising as well. Look at Colorado for instance. There's a section in their legislation that literally says "LIMITATIONS ON ADVERTISING AND DISPLAY OF RETAIL 6 MARIJUANA AND RETAIL MARIJUANA PRODUCTS" Regardless of the difficulty it won't stop cannabis entrepreneurs from marketing their business.

How to Market your Cannabis Business

Here are some great ideas on how to market your cannabis Business. 

Your Guide To Starting Your Cannabis Delivery Service: New Mexico

What does it take for one to become a courier in the cannabis business in New Mexico? Judging by the below guide it seems that there a lot of documents however not at all complex. Make sure to always see a lawyer and do you own due diligence before any en-devour.  

Creative Cannabis Business Ideas (Part 1)

Basic marijuana business revolves around selling cannabis and growing cannabis which is all fine and good. However, there are others creating awesome businesses and capitalizing on the cannabis trend. The following list is part 1 in our series of creative business ideas in the cannabis industry that we will be discussing. So lets get started: 

Creative Cannabiz Ideas Part 2

A continuation of our previous blog post Creative Cannabis Business ideas (part 1). We explore new creative cannabiz ideas. I changed the word cannabis business to cannabiz to make things  less tongue twisty. Any way, I've found more businesses that are cannabis focused and they seem just as fun to do as the first post. I remember listening to a podcast where the interviewee said "just start a business and put cannabis in front of it". That stuck with me and from my internet research I've been seeing more and more of this. 

Top 5 Marijuana dispensary locators

One business trend that is hot right now is marijuana dispensary locators. With the increased cannabis tourism happening around the U.S.  it's no wonder these services are getting popular. We chose these from a list of many sites and were measured by their site design and user friendliness.

Canadian Medical Marijuana Restrictions Up In Smoke

For almost 15 years medical marijuana patients had access to dry cannabis leaf but not legally permitted to medicate in any other way. With medical marijuana restrictions finally lifted, patients across Canada are rejoicing.

Dispensary Diaries Part 1: LoDo Wellness Center

If you would have told a bunch of stoners a decade ago that you’d soon be able to buy weed legally (in a “pot shop” no less), they probably would’ve just laughed in your face and said you were high.

Social Media Gets Stoney

Everyone you know is on Facebook, and your grandma is undoubtedly stalking your page. She’s probably the last one you want to see pictures of you puffing that Purple Haze or just how well you did with growing your own stash. You probably don’t want your boss to see those either…or anyone else for that matter, especially if you live somewhere where weed isn’t legal.