How to Market your Cannabis Business

Here are some great ideas on how to market your cannabis Business. 
  • Submit your business name to apps and websites like WIKILEAF or PLANTLIFE...
  • Write an article about your product and ask to have it published on other sites/blogs
  • Support your community on behalf of your business. Volunteer and wear a shirt with your logo on it
  • Donate to charity on behalf of your business. Your name will show up on their donation page
  • Do an interview on a podcast
  • Network with other entrepreneurs to spread your Business name. Join a meet up and talk about your business goals
  • Help other entrepreneurs by talking about how great their product/service is. In turn they will do the same.
  • Make your business active on social media. Talk through your business's name. Have an opinion about your industry and if your product/service can help some one, offer to help them via Facebook, twitter, Instagram.
  • Make an instructional video of how your product/service works. Don't make it an ad make it a lesson.
  • Sponsor an event. If your are past the boot strapping phase then you can can give money to a private event and have a big banner displayed of your business.
  • Bonus ideas
  • Give away merchandise pens/pipes with your logo on it.
  • Public speaking events. If you are a pro in your industry offer to share your knowledge with public speaking.
  • Have your business Host meet ups to connect entrepreneurs in your industry. You will be known as an authority in your industry since you know so many entrepreneurs.

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