Hi I’m Brent,

I started this blog because I love entrepreneurship and I’m a big fan of the evolving cannabis industry. I love how cannabis will be intertwined in different sectors and how the amount of tax revenue and jobs it will create. It excited me so much that I wanted to start something, anything! I didn’t know what to do and I’m not much of a risk taker so I decided to start a blog and start talking to people in the business to see what it’s like. I see my blog as market research that will help me jump into the industry.

What you’ll see on my blog:

Interviews! My favorite part of this blog. My team and I will reach out and talk to cannabis entrepreneurs and find out what makes them tick.

Marijuana Business ideas. I love finding new ideas in the cannabis industry and talking about it so if you’re reading this please go to the comments section of your favorite blog post and let me know you like it.

Business Reviews: My team and I will choose some interesting businesses to review and let you know what we think of them. Since we get to choose the companies we want, we usually end up loving them and talking positively about them.

Ebooks! There will be top quality Ebooks that will provide you with exactly what you want to know. and if it doesn’t, tell me so I can put it in there.

Cash Cow Cannabis is a financial website providing information about different legal ways to make money in the cannabis industry in the US and Canada. The company focuses on how to make substantial income from marijuana stocks, marijuana dispensaries, cannabis supply stores and any other entrepreneurial endeavors.

Our Purpose

To give intelligent and useful information about the cannabis industry to help the individuals make better investing decisions.

What We Do

Cash cow cannabis ( offers marijuana/cannabis industry analysis, showing people how to take control of their money and make better financial decisions.

We reach countless numbers of people every month through our websites and other media in order to gather such information.

Our Values


We support one another in our endeavours.


We provide beneficial information for a better solution.


We believe and provide the truth with precise information to back it up.


Our mission is simple. We strive to deliver the most reliable information for our readers. We go out of our ways to ensure information on cannabis is viewed by people, anywhere in the US, Canada and around the globe. We know the value of marijuana/cannabis industry.