Plant Life App: Keeping Up With Marijuana Strains

Founded in 2014 Plant life is what happens when passion meets tech. What Lee and Kesba set out to do is simplify the growing number of marijuana strains available. There are just so many that its impossible to remember all of them and what effects they have on our body. This is how Plant Life was born.

“We really feel that exploring the individual experience is important since there are so many marijuana strains out there.”

Every marijuana strain has a different effect on the body, some can make you sleepy while others can exaggerate your senses. What plant life does is allow you journalize these variations and favorite the ones you like the most.

I recently did an interview with the founders of Plant Life Lee and Kesba. I dug a little deeper into how Plant Life came to be.
What Sparked This Idea?

CCC: When I first contacted you, you mentioned that this was a passion project. What exactly sparked this idea for your app?

Lee and Kesba: At first we were building this for ourselves and we really feel that exploring the individual experience is important since there are so many marijuana strains out there. With our app you can now journalize these feelings. The other issue that most apps store your personal data and use it for other purposes. However, our app only stores data on your phone, so it will be kept private.
Future Of Plant Life

CCC: What are the next steps for the Plant Life app?

Lee and Kesba: We are constantly adding new features to the app and the next step for us to create a web based version so that we can reach a wider audience.

CCC: Can you describe what obstacles you encountered while this was in development?

Lee and Kesba: Our biggest obstacle has been figuring out an effective, user friendly way to review a strain. We also want to connect our users together in some way so the data can be shared, but we are still figuring out how that should work.

CCC: What about competition?

Lee and Kesba: There aren't too many apps out there that compare to this so competition is pretty low.

CCC: How do you plan on monetizing this app?

Lee and Kesba: Monetizing is definitely in our future but for now we are focusing on the user experience. We want people be more aware of which marijuana strains help the most.

CCC: How much were start up costs? did you get 3rd party help?

Lee and Kesba: There only real cost to us is our time. We develop the app personally and will continue to do so this really keeps costs low.
Perspective and Outlook for Marijuana Strains

CCC: I like to end off my interviews by asking what you think the future of cannabis looks like. In this instance what is your view on the future of marijuana strains? Will there be a plateau?

Lee and Kesba: I don’t think cannabis strains will plateau instead I think it will continue to grow and evolve. There is a bright future for cannabis strains. Cannabis is a versatile plant which can be manipulated for various uses. For example growers can harvest cannabis plants that features desired traits like more CBD than THC to reduce the psychoactive “high”. Strains with more CBD are desired because they can help treat people who suffer from various ailments.

As more states legalize cannabis in some form medical/recreational there will be more growers who will specialize i.e. a grower who only grows high CBD plants. When dealing with plant biology the possibilities are limitless.



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