Creative Cannabis Business Ideas (Part 1)

Basic marijuana business revolves around selling cannabis and growing cannabis which is all fine and good. However, there are others creating awesome businesses and capitalizing on the cannabis trend. The following list is part 1 in our series of creative business ideas in the cannabis industry that we will be discussing. So lets get started: 

1. Painting While High

This fun  idea follows the same format as the painting and cocktails trend. Already, one business has popped up called Puff Pass & Paint. It allows art lovers and stoners to meet up and paint to their hearts content. What better way to bring out your creative side.

2. Ganja Yoga

The combination of Yoga and cannabis seems like a natural pairing. People who have spear headed this movement have coined the term Ganja Yoga. One such person popularizing this idea is Dee Dussault. Her passion for yoga crossed with cannabis allows users to experience trippy sessions filled with pain relief and inner peace. 

3. Online Cannabis Cooking Lessons

I can guarantee there are chefs out there wanting to make the jump over to cannabis cooking. What easier way to cross passions by offering online cannabis cooking lessons and recipes like Jeff The 420 Chef.  Trust me when I say this it's going to be a the next booming business once recreational cannabis is legalized in more locations. 

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