9 Tips For Marketing in the Cannabis Industry (graphic guide)

Even though the cannabis industry is gaining speed the government still seems to drag it's feet. In Canada there are strict rules against advertising which makes sense since this is still considered a drug in the eyes of the law. In the U.S. there are states that put harsh rules on advertising as well. Look at Colorado for instance. There's a section in their legislation that literally says "LIMITATIONS ON ADVERTISING AND DISPLAY OF RETAIL 6 MARIJUANA AND RETAIL MARIJUANA PRODUCTS" Regardless of the difficulty it won't stop cannabis entrepreneurs from marketing their business.

Here are 9 tips for marketing your cannabis business.

  1. Submit your business name to apps and websites like WIKILEAF
  2. Write an article about your product and ask to have it published on other sites/blogs
  3. Support your community on behalf of your business. Volunteer and wear a shirt with your logo on it
  4. Donate to charity on behalf of your business. Your name will show up on their donation page
  5. Do an interview on a podcast
  6. Network with other entrepreneurs to spread your Business name. Join a meet up and talk about your business goals
  7. Make your business active on social media. Talk through your business's name. Have an opinion about your industry and if your product/service can help some one, offer to help them via Facebook, twitter, Instagram.
  8. Make an instructional video of how your product/service works. Don't make it an ad make it a lesson.
  9. Sponsor an event. If your are past the boot strapping phase then you can can give money to a private event and have a big banner displayed of your business.
Bonus ideas
  1. Help other entrepreneurs by talking about how great their product/service is. In turn they will do the same.
  2. Give away merchandise pens/pipes with your logo on it.
  3. Public speaking events. If you are a pro in your industry offer to share your knowledge with public speaking.
  4. Have your business Host meet ups to connect entrepreneurs in your industry. You will be known as an authority in your industry since you know so many entrepreneurs.

Here's an infographic!

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