Social Media Gets Stoney

Everyone you know is on Facebook, and your grandma is undoubtedly stalking your page. She’s probably the last one you want to see pictures of you puffing that Purple Haze or just how well you did with growing your own stash. You probably don’t want your boss to see those either…or anyone else for that matter, especially if you live somewhere where weed isn’t legal.

In step the new face of social media, where posting pictures of you smoking chronic and updating your status to “Totally Blazed” is not only acceptable, but encouraged. Cannabis social media sites are the new Facebook for people who are 420 friendly and offer a “safe” place for you to share your weed life.
If you’ve got an iPhone, you can sign up to “Duby” and semi-anonymously share everything you ever wanted to about your love affair with Mary Jane. If you don’t have an iPhone, you can’t sign up for this one but you can follow them on Instagram or scroll down through a bunch of pictures if you’ve got nothing better to do. Think young girls in tank-tops and panties, a few nice looking nugs, and people getting blazed.
MassRoots is another popular site, but once again if you don’t have an Apple or Android, you’re shit out of luck. If you do however have a fancy phone, this is one of the better sites that are not just for a generation of young, blazed stoners. People are can actually trade stock on this one and it seems to be a pretty legit site for cannabis businesses that are continually being pushed off Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. They’re even planning on adding a voter registration app for the upcoming elections in 2016. With 8 different states in the US up for legalization of some sort, maybe MassRoots will be just what this country needs to get more people involved in voting marijuana back to freedom.
If you’re looking for news-related stories in the fast growing world of legal (and not-legal) weed, Weedable is a site that displays current blogs and information on all things cannabis. The information on this page is extensive, and if you’re someone serious about being in the know about what’s going on in the ever-changing face of marijuana, this site is awesome. While you won’t see a bunch of pictures of people smoking and a bounty of booty shots, you will find some real information on cannabis that is updated daily. Not a bad place at all to find out real information that’s all weed related.
Maybe you’re looking for something a little more like Facebook, someplace where you can share your entire life and publicly proclaim your special relationship with pot? WeedLife will let you do this with ease. You can post pictures, update your status, and find pot loving people worldwide that share your passion for this sacred plant. They’ve also done your homework and have a link that will take you to a ton of different weed sites, which is cool if you don’t want to spend hours searching on Google for something that catches your weed fancy.  And while they’ve got pages for different events and groups, I found there were only a few events posted and that different groups only had a few members without much interaction. So while definitely good, especially if you don’t have a smartphone, it seems like it could be much better which will hopefully happen as more and more people jump on board.
Out of all the social media sites where cannabis is king I found KushCommon to be my favorite. It’s kind of got a mix of everything. Pictures of good looking nugs, a virtual shop where you can buy clothing, accessories, some cute jewelry, and even cat toys for your feisty feline friends. A lot of those crazy cat ladies are also totally crazy about cannabis, you know. You can find good links to cultivation tips, getting into the legal business side of things, or just hang out and find new pot loving friends from around the world. You can even buy your cannabis right online from some of the many users that are selling their stash, although in my eyes this is definitely more than a little sketchy. Instead of “what’s on your mind?” you’re asked “what’s in your bowl?” when you go to post an update. Great for all of us that want to share, but don’t want to get busted on Facebook by snooping parents or 1,000 friends that might not share our love for the green goddess.
Not everyone wants to post everything they do on Facebook or Twitter, especially if a lot of what they do has something to do with smoking herb. There’s definitely an advantage to these social media sites dedicated to sensi. They offer a place to share your love of weed without being judged or condemned by those that haven’t yet seen the light. You don’t have to worry about breaking your grandma’s heart because she now knows you smoke the wacky tabacky, and you don’t have to stress about getting fired from your job because you posted a picture of you with a blunt in your hand. They’re also a great place to learn new information and keep yourself updated on what’s really going on in ever-changing, increasingly popular world of weed.  

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