Leafly: An Entrepreneurs source for cannabis information

What I love about Leafly is how any one just getting into the cannabis industry can jump right by using this website alone. Lets say I wanted to start a store that specialized in edibles. The first thing I'd search for is articles on the subject matter then boom I got what I need. I honestly had no idea that there was a cannabis recipe for Quinoa salad!

Or lets say I want to open up a cannabis dispensary with a bunch of specific strains. For example I can look for strains that focus on pain relief. From my search you can see that 1210 results pop up. This is more than enough to get me started.

New entrepreneurs looking to jump into this industry should definitely have Leafly in their arsenal of resources. I can see cannabis dispensaries using this site a lot and from what I gather it's rich in strain information. Since its in its infancy it still needs time for the data to grow but over time I can see Leafly as the go to site for cannabis start ups.



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