Creative Cannabiz Ideas Part 2

A continuation of our previous blog post Creative Cannabis Business ideas (part 1). We explore new creative cannabiz ideas. I changed the word cannabis business to cannabiz to make things  less tongue twisty. Any way, I've found more businesses that are cannabis focused and they seem just as fun to do as the first post. I remember listening to a podcast where the interviewee said "just start a business and put cannabis in front of it". That stuck with me and from my internet research I've been seeing more and more of this. 

1. Cannabis Cook-eBook

This idea is for the aspiring chef that has combined their passion with cannabis and cooking. This can also be used as a supplement to your cooking you tube videos. So what are you waiting for? Create your eBook, throw it up on amazon and start marketing the hell out of it!  Below are a couple of examples of cannabis cookbooks which you can buy and see how they do it. Buy them today!
Note: I just thought of a great name for an ebook. Make a cannabis cookie recipe eBook and call it Cannabis Cook eBook! (a.k.a Cannabis Cookie Book). Million dollar idea right there. Unless of course some one has already thought of it, either way pretty awesome name.

2. Cannabis City Tours

This business idea was a big surprise to me but after looking at a few companies you can see that this is a major necessity. Legal cannabis is only available in certain states like Colorado and Washington making them a popular tourist attraction for out of town enthusiasts. An example I found was High Country Cannabis Tours. They offer walking tours, luxury tours and even industry tours for the aspiring cannabis entrepreneur. 

3. Cannabis edibles for dogs

These products come with some controversy but new studies are coming out showing that cannabis actually helps animals for all kind of ailments. One example is Treat-Ibles (mentioned below) contain no THC - just non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD). Another example is Canna-biscuits from which states that their product is great for easing travel, re-homing, grooming, reducing stress during thunderstorms and fireworks, and separation stress.
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