Dispensary Diaries Part 1: LoDo Wellness Center

If you would have told a bunch of stoners a decade ago that you’d soon be able to buy weed legally (in a “pot shop” no less), they probably would’ve just laughed in your face and said you were high.

Fast forward to 2015. It seems like everyone in Colorado’s got the giggles (weed will do that) and there’s no shortage of these shops that have made Colorado  go “up in smoke.” Cheech and Chong are proud.
Pull up to any dispensary in Colorado and you’re bound to see an abundance of cars with out of state plates. People from out of state are flocking to colorful Colorado by the busload (yes tour buses even stop at dispensaries now) and marijuana tourism is big business.
It seems like everyone’s jumping on the legal weed bandwagon, and who wouldn’t want to? Pot loving loyalists worldwide have been waiting for the day herb would actually be legal, and that glorious day is here. With literally hundreds of dispensaries to choose from, Colorado’s definitely looking out for its red-eyed locals and tourists alike.
The hardest thing about all this legal weed? Finding the best dispensary. It’s not as easy as you might think, although an incredibly fun task.
The world of weed has stepped it up a notch and dispensaries have unquestionably followed suit. While there are plenty of places to choose from, the following dispensary is on their game and indubitably doing it right.

LoDo: Downtown Denver

Lower downtown Denver, affectionately known as LoDo is where it’s at. Full of renovated old buildings turned awesome art galleries, hip restaurants, classic coffee shops, sports bars and pubs, LoDo is seriously the place to be.
It just also happens to be home to LoDo Wellness Center, a retail and medical dispensary in the heart of it all. They’ve been around since 2009 and know a thing two about good ganja. Getting there’s easy, and with all the things to do around the area you might never want to leave.
Before you get too excited on all the stony things to do after a trip to LoDo Wellness, you should prepare to get very excited about what you’ll find inside. While the strains they’ve got on hand will vary from day to day, they definitely keep a stock of some of the best weed you can find. They rotate 19 potent, super stony strains on a regular basis and if you’re not into smoking your sensi, they’ve got a pretty decent variety of edibles, drinks, and tinctures. Just watch out for the Cheba Chews. They’ll getcha every time.
While I’m totally a fan of both indicas and sativas depending on my mood, when I’m out in Denver I want something that’s going to put me in a headspace to go out and explore. Enter Durban Poison, one of the best daytime sativa strains I’ve seriously ever had. It’s apparently a popular strain at LoDo Wellness and was awesome for walking over to the Museum of Contemporary Art. Let’s say that my experience was “heightened” to say the least.
Wyncoop Brewery is practically a stone’s throw away from LoDo Wellness and offers some of Colorado’s best craft brew aroundIf beer’s not your thing, the Common Ground Coffee shop (where I stopped on my way to MCA) is an awesome little indie coffee shop that’s cool and cozy, has free Wi-Fi, and plenty of board games to occupy your marijuana mind.
Planning on staying in Denver for a night? There are plenty of hotels in the area and a place to fit whatever your budget might be. For breakfast in the am head to Snooze, located just three blocks away from LoDo Wellness Center. Nothing satisfies a good wake and bake like “Peanut Butter and Jelly Pancakes.”
Stay tuned for part 2......

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