Top 3 States to Get a Job in the Cannabis Industry

Welcome to the Gold Rush of the 21st century, although these days it’s more of a “green” rush and we’re dealing with weed, not gold. The legal marijuana industry is growing faster than any other industry in the US, and it’s projected that by 2018 we could be looking at an industry worth more than $10 billion. Everyone that can is jumping on the bandwagon with new jobs being created all the time. If you’re thinking about packing up and heading “out west” to strike it rich, the following states are your best bet for landing a job in the cannabis industry.


Colorado is leading the legal weed game with more dispensaries, rec shops and grows than pretty much anywhere. The most popular jobs in Colorado cannabis can be found at marijuana dispensaries, where budtenders and retail store management and staff are needed on a regular basis. Trimmers are also usually always needed if starting on the bottom and working your way up is your thing. 
The cost of living in Colorado is beginning to rise as people flock to this pioneer legal weed. Rentals average about $1000 for a two-bedroom house depending on where you’re at, with the Boulder areas typically more expensive than cities Denver and Colorado Springs. If you’re looking to live up in the mountains Colorado is famous for expect to pay around $1500 for a 2-3 bedroom place. Everything is typically more expensive the higher up (in elevation) you go. 
Jobs from Indeed
Bud Tender
Infinite Wellness - Colorado
Come Grow With the Largest MJ Company in...
Native Roots - Denver, CO
Cure Associate
Native Roots - Colorado
Native Roots - Colorado


Washington is quickly following in Colorado’s footsteps and cannabis jobs can also be found in abundance in the Evergreen state. From various program directors to trimmers, budtenders, and retail store managers getting your foot in the cannabis door should be pretty effortless. Any job search will lead you to pages of cannabis jobs that can be found in Washington, and the industry is only growing. Rentals in Washington aren’t cheap, with a 1-2 bedroom place in Seattle running you around $1300 a month. 

Arizona (Up and coming)

Although recreational weed isn’t legal yet in Arizona, medical marijuana is and there’s an abundance of jobs to be found in this state that is expected to fully legalize cannabis in the coming elections. From packaging and delivery to various admin and sales rep opportunities, Arizona has a job for pretty much every area you can find in the cannabis industry. Getting in now only secures a spot (and experience) when recreational laws finally do pass. The average cost of living in Arizona is much less expensive than Colorado or Washington, with rentals averaging just $800-$1,000 for a 1-2 bedroom place depending on where you’re at. Phoenix seems to have the most cannabis jobs available with the cost of living more affordable than other cities affluent in cannabis jobs (think Denver and Seattle).
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