Top 3 Cannabis Job Sites

If you’re looking for a job in the cannabis industry an online search will definitely give you plenty of results. When seeking out a job to work with weed, the following websites have plenty to choose from.

THC Jobs (Rating 9 out of 10)

***2019 update: The THCjobs site is no longer active :( it's too bad because it was really good!*** is a good looking site that lets you search for literally thousands of jobs in the legal weed industry. They’ve got featured employers that include Culture Magazine and Citiva Medical, as well as an option that allows you to search for any job, anywhere within a specific radius. You can also post a resume, search through different blogs, and stay in the know of upcoming career events. THC Jobs is without a doubt my favorite out of the three, easy to use and navigate with plenty of jobs for the picking. 

420 Careers (Rating: 7 out of 10) makes it easy for anyone, anywhere to find a job in the cannabis industry. You can browse jobs by location, category, type, and salary. This means you can search virtually anywhere that marijuana jobs are available and find something that matches what you’re looking for. Clicking on a job post will pull up not only the position but a map of the area as well. Perfect for those looking to relocate to a 420 friendly state. It’s definitely the most basic of all the sites here, but easy to find work in a bunch of different categories. 

Cannajobs (Rating 6 out of 10) brings cannabis industry jobs in a pretty basic format, and honestly doesn’t seem half as awesome as the other two sites mentioned above. There’s enough jobs to choose from in a number of different industries, a forum to connect with other job seekers, and a spot to post a resume but the site itself feels a little outdated (even though new jobs are posted daily). 
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