3 Best Cannabis Clubs in the US

Just as beer has the bar, cannabis has clubs and with the legalization of recreational weed sweeping across the nation they’re drawing pot smokers galore. Think of a place where you can sit down, socialize, and smoke some weed with other folks looking to do the same. Yep, these places do exist and we’ve found the three most popular ones in the US so the next time you’re in a legal pot smoking state you know just where to go to socialize with a little sensi.

Club Ned/Nederland, Colorado

The OG of all cannabis clubs, Club Ned was established in Nederland (a funky little mountain town outside of Boulder) in 2014. Anyone 21 and over is welcome, with a membership running you only $14.20 a month or $10 for a one day pop. Club Ned has one of the most laid back atmospheres often showcasing live music and Lego Day Tuesdays and Board Game Wednesdays. The last Saturday of every month they have a Potluck Potluck. You’ll find friendly dogs running around and plenty of kind folks with whom you’ll be able to puff, puff, pass.

Studio A64/Colorado Springs, Colorado

Located about an hour south of Colorado’s capital of Denver is Colorado Springs. It’s here you’ll find Studio A64, an upscale cannabis club in the heart of this city nestled next to famous Pike’s Peak. They’re open Tuesday-Saturday from 10am-midnight and offer live music, poetry, open mic, and more. Every night they feature something awesome. From pot poker and politics to ladies night and live jazz on Saturdays, Studio A64 is one of the coolest cannabis clubs you’ll find in Colorado and is definitely geared to a more “sophisticated” crowd than some of the others you’ll find.

NW Cannabis Club/Portland, Oregon

Colorado’s not the only state with cannabis clubs. The next time you’re in Portland be sure to check out NW Cannabis Club, founded in 2011 and open seven days a week for your socializing smoking pleasure. The pot smoking people of Oregon love it for its atmosphere, cheap prices, dab bar, social scene and more. Your first visit will only cost you $1and give you access to one of the most popular of all cannabis clubs in the country. Where else can you sit at a 50 foot dab bar?
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