Why Are There No Cannabis ETFs Yet?

For those of you new to investing Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) is a pool of investments (stocks, bonds, commodities) that you can buy and sell throughout the trading day. Please, any one correct me if I'm wrong.
I was reading a Bloomberg article from June 2015 where it was saying there just isn't enough liquidity or size for an ETF yet, which sucks big time. It's time to start investing in those companies that are making strides in the cannabis industry. They are making the huge risks right now so that others can succeed, but you go first.
Here's the article in case you want to read it: Dude Where's My Pot ETF
What I loved about the article was the suggestion of investing in related industries or companies that are already established. This should be simple, just think of what stoners do already. When a stoner is at an all time high they eat a lot so we got the food industry ETFs to look out for. Stoners also like their different types of strains so companies that are discovering new cannabis strains are probably going to increase and what do they need? equipment. So there are most likely hydroponic stocks out there. And the best thing to do high is watch some kick ass movies on Netflix which coincidentally is traded on the stock exchange! 
This is such a fun way to pick ETFs, you can almost make a Mind Map out of it! Here's mine
Cannabis Mind Map
Now I have a couple ETFs I can research and possibly invest in. I'm not invested in any of the mentioned stocks or ETFs by the way. I believe I have to say that in order to not get in any trouble.
So If I were a betting man I would say the 2 ETFs would be looking pretty good in the next few years once cannabis laws start changing.
Disclaimer: For god sakes always talk to a professional before making any investment decisions. Don't be crazy and don't be stupid, investing is serious business. The above article is the ramblings of an amateur investor who does not give advice. 

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